The Cambridge People’s Assembly Against Austerity is part of a broad movement to change government policy. We believe that cuts to public services and social security are unnecessary , ineffective and harmful to ordinary people.

We meet on the first Thursday of every month, 7.30pm at the NCI Sport and Social Club (Holland Street, Cambridge CB4 3DL, 2 mins Jesus Green). Please join us.

We support existing campaigns on specific issues related to austerity – … more. And we organize street events to raise awareness of current issues in an entertaining, creative way, so you might run into us on the streets of Cambridge. If you want to get our support or get involved please email us

We believe that in an age of plenty, everyone should have a job, housing, education, healthcare, and a pension.

The rich continue to get richer, corporate profits have never been higher, corporations pay little or no tax, and the banks that contributed to the crisis are more powerful than ever. But ordinary people are being compelled to pay for an economic crisis we did not cause. We are expected to suffer the closure of hospitals, libraries, and academic departments, the reduction of wages and living standards, and the destruction of support systems vital for people who cannot work, or cannot find work.

We believe this is wrong. If you do too, why not help make a change – for your children and family?